Fiorino Cargo


The EXTERIOR of FIORINO has been redesigned with explicit references to the rest of the Fiat Professional range design, yet maintaining the model’s character with a MODERN and DYNAMIC STYLE. A front with HIGH PROJECTORS for great visibility and protection from crashes and a NEW BUMPER AND GRILLE that highlights the car-like style. FIORINO
proudly wears the FIAT PROFESSIONAL BADGE that emphasizes the strong brand identity and dedication to the light commercial vehicles range.


FIORINO is compact, agile and able to get anywhere, starting today it’s even more special and representative of a category that it has proudly PIONEERED.
Combines a commercial vehicle soul with a car look, together with new features to top its category for PERFORMANCE, COMFORT and FUNCTIONALITY, LOAD CAPACITY and REDUCED RUNNING COSTS.
Perfect in urban missions, nimble in traffic, easy to drive and park, the ideal vehicle for door to door deliveries. CARGO VAN to transport all types of goods and COMBI to transport 4 people and luggage. Whatever your road may be, FIORINO is ready to follow it.

With FIORINO you can relax while you are working, thanks to its ERGONOMIC AND COMFORTABLE INTERIORS

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