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With the selection of Mopar® Connect services, you have a dedicated assistance service* ready to offer support in case of theft, accident or breakdown. In addition, with the new remote functions, you will know where your van is and will be able to conveniently check the fuel level and the tyre pressure via your smartphone.


The best way to work


  • A wide and even space with smooth surfaces, free from protrusions.
  • Up to 2170 mm in length, extendable up to 3400 mm thanks to the swivel partition and the folding passenger seat.
  • Up to 1550 mmhigh and 1714 mmwide.
  • Load capacity from 3.4 to 5 m³, can be increased by 0.4 m³ thanks to the swivel partition.
  • Width between wheel arches1230 mm.
  • Panelled floor with 6 load retaining hooks and inspection plug.
  • Washable, waterproof PVC load platform.
  • 9 types of partition (panelled, panelled and soundproofed, glazed, glazed and soundproofed, ladder, grill and two-part grill, of which one part swivels, multifunctional tubular for 3-seater cab versions).
  • 2 service lights, one above the sliding door and the other above the rear door.
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