Designed to stand out

The aggressive design of the new Talento shows how this unique van belongs to hard working professionals. From the style standpoint, Talento is compact and well-proportioned: the forward stretching windscreen pleasantly connects to the short bonnet and the overall effect is imposing, yet dynamic. The design is horizontal with bold, clear-cut lines in tune with the new family feeling of the Fiat Professional range.
Enhanced vehicle width and load capacity is clearly suggested by the SQUARE-SHAPED REAR end, conveying an idea of dynamism and stability. The Talento’s design ingenuity was also applied to its size, thought to perfectly fit the space limits of every city, while offering great cargo capacity to carry every business forward.

Make your headquarters anywhere

The interior of Talento is the perfect office for fully dedicated professionals like you. Carefully crafted to combine comfort and functionality, it is equipped with all of the necessary features that makes every hour at work pleasant and effective. The ingenious solutions that brings a central seat with pop-up table and holders, is just one of many clever solutions that makes Talento your ideal future workstation.

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