Ducato Cargo

Ducato Cargo

From 17.500.000 ֏



Make the most of every last centimetre of space when loading your goods. The sliding side doors are available in 2 widths – 1075 and 1250mm, and 2 heights – 1485 and 1755mm.


The load compartment is square and even, enabling you to use every last bit of space:
Between 267 and 407 cm long and up to 166 to 217 cm high
The width between the wheel arches is 142 cm
The flatbed can be protected by a highly resistant plywood cover
The interior walls can be covered in thermoformed plastic panels
4 securing hooks are available at the sides of the load compartment, as well as several anchoring points on the flatbed
A bright interior is guaranteed by the 15 W ceiling lights – an additional 12 V power point inside the load compartment is also available on request, as well as a removable rechargeable ceiling light
The partition between the load compartment and the passenger compartment may be paneled or glazed with sliding glass.


Custom-made solutions by authorized outfitters delivering the best solutions for your needs.

Refrigeration/Isothermal outfits ideal for carrying food and medicine. All in compliance with the applicable standards in force, insulated with or without refrigerator.

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